Great Website Content

When a potential customer visits your website, they are seeking out information about your business. To convert these prospects into sales, the information on your site needs to build trust in your company and answer their questions about your products or services. Does your website have the content that visitors want to read? Everyone can write great website content with some practice. To assist you in developing the kind of compelling information that will boost sales, here are four questions to ask yourself when creating content for your small business website. What Makes You Special First, answer the question, what [...]

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5 Cost-Effective Ways to Write a Blog With What You Already Have

Blogs are good for your SEO (or so they say) Every marketing guru we know advises business owners to use a website blog to gain traction in Google searches.  They’re not wrong. Blogs can help you increase your web traffic and raise your Google search rankings. They’re also valuable resources for answering the questions that make prospects and customers hesitate before purchasing. However, we’ve found that clients are often resistant to blogging. It’s time-consuming. It’s costly. And it’s hard to come up with original content ideas. But in fact you probably have plenty of material for your blog right [...]

Thought Leadership Today

Thought Leadership is a marketing objective pursued by many in business today. The goal usually is to stand out from one’s peers so that we get increased exposure with others in our industry and drive revenue for our company. It is very easy to get caught up in attempting to elevate oneself but thought leadership today is about much more than ourselves. To be effective you must first benefit your audience. Definition Thought Leadership is more than podcasts, videos and newsletters. It is sharing your unique way of thinking with others. You must guide and offer insight to others. It [...]

Common B2B Marketing Mistakes

Business to Business marketing is becoming increasingly complex. And with so many things to remember mistakes are easier to make. Because the value of a client in B2B is often quite high, advertising errors can be costly. Eliminating common B2B marketing mistakes can save money and increase revenue. The acronym ABM (Account Based Marketing) is often misunderstood. The purpose of ABM is for marketing to work with sales to identify high-value prospects and focus on that segment. The idea is that marketing will generate the kinds of leads the sales team wants. Content and campaigns are dedicated to a specific [...]

Your About Page

For many businesses the “About” page is an afterthought. Why would people want to read about our company? Because many of us are modest, or don’t think we have compelling information, it is something of a chore we rush through. And, most of us really think about our website in terms of SEO, or how it will rank. However, the About page is often one of the most important pages on a business website. Let’s discuss your About page and how to make it contribute to your company’s success. Why An About Page Think about the times when you would [...]

LinkedIn on 15 Minutes a Week?

by Bruce Segall, President, Marketing Sense Especially in tough economic times like these, companies are challenging their marketing service providers  to produce a return on marketing investment. In other words, they want to see new business come from marketing programs, while spending limited time or money. In the world of LinkedIn, that can mean allocating just a limited amount of time to posting or reconnecting with past colleagues. In fact, one small consulting firm wondered how to achieve results with each of the principal members spending just 15 minutes a week on LinkedIn. Is that really possible? Reach Out to [...]

Video for Engagement and Conversions

Video has seen a large increase in use since the beginning of the pandemic. But Video was already on the rise prior to the start of shelter-in-place. Many people think of video as a way to introduce a product or service, but smart marketers use video for engagement and conversions. Content creation has much less value if there is no engagement. Video has an advantage over other forms of content because it can entertain and inform. A recent study by Demand Gen said that 73% of respondents had less time for reading and research but were willing to spend 10 [...]

Focus on Your Internal Brand

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt famously declared: “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” The same may be said of brands and companies in times of crisis: You can’t tell how strong your internal brand is until you make it survive a crisis. The devastating COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to ravage the globe and upend daily life, has many consumers and clients thinking less about brands, and more about personal health and finances. But that doesn’t mean that branding should all but cease. The following are reasons [...]

Brand Partnerships – Grow Your Business In Any Economy

Brand partnerships are a great way to build business in any economy. Properly constructed, all the participants gain. It is often difficult to gain brand traction for Small and Mid-sized businesses (SMB’s) so working with other compatible brands can boost awareness faster and more cost-effectively. A brand partnership is a mutual agreement between two or more businesses or organizations. Through these partnerships, companies help one another to increase brand exposure, break into new markets, and add extra value to products/services. Brands can help each other through a variety of ways, advertising tie-ins, content, social media, promotions and so much more [...]

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Stay At Home SEO

Many businesses are now operating remotely. And in some cases, there is much less to do. This provides businesses with the opportunity to work on their own business, in particular marketing. As some marketing budgets may be reduced the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is even greater. SEO is the process of increasing your website’s ranking for the purpose of getting more traffic to your site. The volume of searches may have shifted but Google is continuing to rank websites. Why not work on your SEO while you are at home? Why SEO One of the advantages of SEO is [...]

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