For many businesses the “About” page is an afterthought. Why would people want to read about our company? Because many of us are modest, or don’t think we have compelling information, it is something of a chore we rush through. And, most of us really think about our website in terms of SEO, or how it will rank. However, the About page is often one of the most important pages on a business website. Let’s discuss your About page and how to make it contribute to your company’s success.

Why An About Page

Think about the times when you would meet someone new at an event or meeting. You instantly start asking them questions to learn what they do, where they are from etc. The purpose of the information exchange is to understand if they can help you in some way. You want to know if there are things you have in common. It is the first step in the process of know, like and trust.

The About page of a website serves a similar purpose. It lets the reader know who the company is. Why do they do what they do. This is an opportunity for the company to begin building trust with the reader. For companies with a complex sale or ones that require a high degree of trust, an About page can make all the difference. People looking for a doctor, lawyer or other professional will want to know who is handling their case. Influencers will want to know about a company before recommending a product. Or a visitor who comes to your site from an ad and has never heard of your company, will want to learn who you are.

Interestingly, the About page becomes more important as the buying cycle progresses. As people move into the negotiation phase, information about the company becomes more critical. The consumer has moved beyond features and benefits and now wants to know you are the kind of company they want to work with.

How To Write It

While this page is focused on you, you cannot make it just about you. Your prospect is on your website because they have an issue that needs solving. Show them that you understand their problem and know how to solve it. Keep your mission and philosophy cogent and on-point. You should demonstrate your core values and how that helps your clients with their challenges.

Your Story

Telling your story is a key part of the page. This is an opportunity to humanize your company. Talk about your humble beginnings and perseverance through tough times. Let readers know what inspired your company to overcome challenges. If your company has a unique point of view or culture this is the opportunity to convey what that is. Let your passion shine through.

Your story should lead to why you are unique. Tell people how your journey has made you unique. If you have a USP – Unique Selling Proposition – state it in the About page.

Build Trust

Show that people trust you. Your customers are comfortable with you, many know your backstory. Show your prospects that people just like them have confidence in you. This is what we call social proof. If your company has won awards or accomplishments show them. It could be as simple as a badge. Or link to reviews, especially if you collect them through a third party such as Trustpilot. At this stage, a testimonial will also work.

In all likelihood, your business is about acquiring customers who buy from you, so don’t pass up an opportunity to include a call to action on your About Us page.

Your About Page

Whatever you do, make your About page interesting. Strive to create a lasting impression. People do not read an About page because they are bored. They want to know whether they should do business with you. Give them good reasons. If you find it difficult to talk about yourself hire a content writer to help. This is the time to be direct, authentic and proud of your company. People are looking at you. Your About page is an opportunity to make them remember you.