Video for Engagement and Conversions

Video has seen a large increase in use since the beginning of the pandemic. But Video was already on the rise prior to the start of shelter-in-place. Many people think of video as a way to introduce a product or service, but smart marketers use video for engagement and conversions. Content creation has much less value if there is no engagement. Video has an advantage over other forms of content because it can entertain and inform. A recent study by Demand Gen said that 73% of respondents had less time for reading and research but were willing to spend 10 [...]

Focus on Your Internal Brand

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt famously declared: “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” The same may be said of brands and companies in times of crisis: You can’t tell how strong your internal brand is until you make it survive a crisis. The devastating COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to ravage the globe and upend daily life, has many consumers and clients thinking less about brands, and more about personal health and finances. But that doesn’t mean that branding should all but cease. The following are reasons [...]

Brand Partnerships – Grow Your Business In Any Economy

Brand partnerships are a great way to build business in any economy. Properly constructed, all the participants gain. It is often difficult to gain brand traction for Small and Mid-sized businesses (SMB’s) so working with other compatible brands can boost awareness faster and more cost-effectively. A brand partnership is a mutual agreement between two or more businesses or organizations. Through these partnerships, companies help one another to increase brand exposure, break into new markets, and add extra value to products/services. Brands can help each other through a variety of ways, advertising tie-ins, content, social media, promotions and so much more [...]

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Stay At Home SEO

Many businesses are now operating remotely. And in some cases, there is much less to do. This provides businesses with the opportunity to work on their own business, in particular marketing. As some marketing budgets may be reduced the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is even greater. SEO is the process of increasing your website’s ranking for the purpose of getting more traffic to your site. The volume of searches may have shifted but Google is continuing to rank websites. Why not work on your SEO while you are at home? Why SEO One of the advantages of SEO is [...]

Advertising Messaging Today

While I am guardedly optimistic the Coronavirus will not gravely impact our country long-term, it is hard not to recognize what a challenging environment we live in. For advertisers, it is even more challenging. Many companies have seen sales fall severely. At the same time, most marketers realize that ceasing advertising is not the smart alternative. The goal is to create advertising messaging today that understands the sensitivities of the moment, does not appear opportunistic and strikes a tone that conveys optimism. We will review some current ads that are successful as well as a couple that are not. Advertising [...]

Is It Time For A Message Audit?

With tax time fast approaching, many businesses bring in accountants to audit their books and ensure compliance so that their financials are in order. It’s probably something you don’t even think about because it’s part of your annual process. Not to mention you understand how important that is to your business. But when was the last time you took a look at your messaging to ensure it truly and accurately reflected who you are and what you do? From your website and social channels to emails and marketing materials, you’d be surprised how fast content gets stale and no longer [...]

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Rank Higher For Less

Every business wants to be at the top of the search engine results page for their business category. But how do you rank higher for less money on Google? With some time and diligence anyone can improve their Google Rank. To be clear, we are talking about organic search or SEO. Businesses who rank highly in SEO do not get there by accident. While some might argue that improving your ranking is all about ego it is really all about business. 97% of all clicks take place on the first page and 55% of all clicks go to the first [...]

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SEO and the Importance of Content in Digital Advertising

In the hard and fast world of digital advertising, your product is really only as good as the content you put on the Internet. Any advertising agency worth their salt already knows the ways in which content in the physical world, from print media to billboards to commercials on TV, plays a hand in selling a good or a service, and in this digital age, the Internet presents a much larger playground. A good digital agency will know that if you put quality writing, graphics, ads, and more into the Web, the returns are enormous, enough that according to Brafton, [...]

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working

Written by: Sabrina McEntee Hype Marketing, President   Time and time again, I hear small business owners say: “Marketing just doesn’t work for me.” And I’m sure they’re right. But I think they are missing the fact that marketing can work for them – only if they are willing to put in the upfront time to invest in a strategy. What do I mean by strategy? Quite simply, I’m referring to creating a PLAN that will guide their marketing efforts. I realize that sounds like an easy and simplistic answer, but frankly, that is what is missing for most small business [...]

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