Do Impressions Matter

When we first began Digital Marketing, impressions were everything. For almost the first two decades of digital advertising impressions were the gold standard, with clicks and click-through-rates right behind. But as digital advertising has become more sophisticated marketers are looking for KPI’s that are closer to the outcome they need. It begs the question, do impressions matter? Traditional Advertising Measurement For years media was measured by estimates of how many people read a publication based on circulation rates and what we perceived were “pass-along” rates. The number of people who read a single issue. (think People Magazine in the doctor’s [...]

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Trends in Digital Advertising

Digital marketing continues to evolve, and 2022 will be no exception when it comes to changing advertising trends. Digital ad spend is growing tremendously and will continue to do so. Banner ads, social media ad campaigns, video ads, and pay-per-click advertising are all part of the digital advertising landscape—a field that grows more crowded by the day. Of note is that global ad spending declined in 2020 by 4.2% to $569 billion. Out of that, traditional media (print, broadcast) was $233 billion, an 18% drop from 2019. But digital media spend grew by 8% to $336 billion. Digital also had [...]

The Most Important Google Ads Metrics

Google Ads can be a very effective and efficient way to advertise. However, when done wrong it can also be wasteful and expensive. To put yourself on the path to success you must know the most important Google Ads metrics. If you understand what to measure, then determining what to optimize is easy. KPI's For the purpose of definition, what we are really talking about are Key Performing Indicators or KPI’s. KPI’s are the metrics that get you to your objective. Metrics themselves are just performance numbers that may or may not indicate progress. As an example, an increase in [...]

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Video and Outdoor Advertising

Last week’s blog explored the value of using video in a marketing campaign. The ROI of video is undeniable. Video is also remaking the oldest advertising media, Outdoor. People have been using signs since the caveman. As a means of advertising outdoor has influenced consumers since they traveled on horseback. Now digital Outdoor advertising is using the most sophisticated marketing tools to impart messaging. Video and Outdoor advertising are a perfect match. What Is Outdoor Outdoor Advertising or Out-of-Home (OOH) is just that. Any advertisement that reaches a person outside the home. Outdoor takes many forms, from highway billboards, to [...]

Voice Activated Search – It’s Real

Some aspects of Artificial Intelligence seem a little Star Trekky, something that might be feasible on TV but not in real life. But do not treat voice activated search as a surreal fantasy from the future, because it is here now. And voice activated search is real. What seemed like a sci-fi gimmick is now part of everyday life and your business had best be prepared. Voice Activated Search is Growing Data suggests that about 55 million American households will own a smart speaker whether it be Amazon Alexa, Google Home or another brand by 2022. And then of course [...]

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Google Ads Work!

When discussing paid search with our clients a number of questions regularly come up about the value of paid search, and in particular, Google paid search. Many people are not sure that Google Ads work. We have attempted to answer the more common questions here. Search Engine Use The first question often asked of us is “Do my customers really use paid search when looking for a product or service”? Two pieces of data from a WebVisible survey answer that: 86% of consumers use the Internet to find a local business 72% of consumers prefer to find information on local [...]

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Tik Tok Your New Social Media

Chances are that you have heard of the social media app Tik Tok. Equally likely, if you are reading this blog, you don’t know what the craze is all about. You may have asked someone younger for an explanation. Or, you may have tried it and given up. Whatever the answer, Tik Tok is the hottest social media platform today. And, you should know about it. What Is It TikTok calls itself the “destination for short-form mobile videos.” TikTok is an app for making and sharing quick videos, usually 15 seconds. Hashtags play a large role on the app. Not [...]

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Programmatic Advertising – AI Improves Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is the use of automation in buying and selling of media. Programmatic can apply to anything from display to digital out-of-home to connected television. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) with first and third party data, computers decide which ads to buy and how much to pay for them, often in real time. The advertiser carefully defines their target audience. Marketers can input demographics, behaviors and what they want the prospect to do. Then computers attempt to achieve those goals using data and artificial intelligence(AI). But how does it work? What is Programmatic Advertising In the early days of buying [...]

Facebook or Google? Which One?

The two most popular online advertising sites for the last several years have been Google and Facebook. Each does tens of billions in sales annually. Advertising is the main source of income for their respective companies. Both use an auction style bid process, and both have an ability to target granularly. In the media, they are often portrayed as adversarial, but as a marketer it is not always an “either or” scenario. Google Ads and Facebook have their own strengths and weaknesses, so you can use them separately or together, depending on your objective. Google Ads Google Ads, or paid [...]

Great Website Content

When a potential customer visits your website, they are seeking out information about your business. To convert these prospects into sales, the information on your site needs to build trust in your company and answer their questions about your products or services. Does your website have the content that visitors want to read? Everyone can write great website content with some practice. To assist you in developing the kind of compelling information that will boost sales, here are four questions to ask yourself when creating content for your small business website. What Makes You Special First, answer the question, what [...]

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