Improve Your Social Media Presence

We all know that social media is here to stay. And many business owners realize it can play an important role in marketing their business. But, as so many of us are time-impoverished actually using the media can be a challenge. While social media advertising can be very effective, When you improve your social media presence through posting and publishing it can elevate your business to the next level. Improving your social media presence will take a little time. But, with a smart plan and some consistency it will not be a big imposition. And it is worth it. Facebook [...]

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More Changes To Google Ads

Everyone knows that change is part of life. And, if you are in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) those changes happen often and sometimes drastically. We have to adapt to changes in the economy, society, behaviors and of course, Google. To some, it may appear that as many disruptions come from Google as all other sources combined. People who use paid search must take all of these changes into consideration. Even if paid search is not part of your marketing, how and why more changes to Google Ads occur is important to understand. Two of the most significant changes Google has [...]

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Five Facebook Failures

Facebook has a huge audience and tremendous data on that audience to help advertisers. One of the many reasons it is still the leader in social media. Since so many of your clients and prospects use the platform it makes sense to advertise there. As with any advertising media if you use it incorrectly you will waste time and money. The following are five Facebook failures to avoid. Audiences Target the correct Audience. Before you start, create a customer avatar, in other words, build a profile of what your ideal customer looks like. This will include age, gender, interests, behaviors [...]

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Tik Tok Your New Social Media

Chances are that you have heard of the social media app Tik Tok. Equally likely, if you are reading this blog, you don’t know what the craze is all about. You may have asked someone younger for an explanation. Or, you may have tried it and given up. Whatever the answer, Tik Tok is the hottest social media platform today. And, you should know about it. What Is It TikTok calls itself the “destination for short-form mobile videos.” TikTok is an app for making and sharing quick videos, usually 15 seconds. Hashtags play a large role on the app. Not [...]

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Facebook or Google? Which One?

The two most popular online advertising sites for the last several years have been Google and Facebook. Each does tens of billions in sales annually. Advertising is the main source of income for their respective companies. Both use an auction style bid process, and both have an ability to target granularly. In the media, they are often portrayed as adversarial, but as a marketer it is not always an “either or” scenario. Google Ads and Facebook have their own strengths and weaknesses, so you can use them separately or together, depending on your objective. Google Ads Google Ads, or paid [...]

Thought Leadership Today

Thought Leadership is a marketing objective pursued by many in business today. The goal usually is to stand out from one’s peers so that we get increased exposure with others in our industry and drive revenue for our company. It is very easy to get caught up in attempting to elevate oneself but thought leadership today is about much more than ourselves. To be effective you must first benefit your audience. Definition Thought Leadership is more than podcasts, videos and newsletters. It is sharing your unique way of thinking with others. You must guide and offer insight to others. It [...]

Combining Inbound and Outbound Marketing

A topic of hot debate these days is whether you should use inbound of outbound marketing for your Lead Generation. For those of us in marketing you know that we love to throw around buzz words. That should not be a surprise from a profession that gets people to buy things based on language. In this case, it is more than jargon. Both are legitimate strategies for Lead Generation. Which should you choose? How about combining Inbound and Outbound marketing to maximize results. Outbound Marketing What are Inbound and Outbound marketing anyway? Outbound marketing is what was called “marketing” or [...]

Improve Facebook And Google Performance

The Coronavirus has impacted our lives in many ways, some that were not imaginable. The pandemic has also had a profound effect on advertising. That has included Google and Facebook ads. The good news is that people are spending far more time online than ever before. Unfortunately, they aren’t on Search Engine Results Pages as much, and their social media usage is more focused on keeping in touch than in clicking on ads. This is the time to take incremental steps to improve Facebook and Google performance now. Google performance starts with account structure. There is an architecture to a [...]

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