7 Link Building Strategies

Link building is one of the most important components of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy but also one that can be challenging. Backlinks are hyperlinks on the Internet that direct traffic to a website. Google’s goal is to direct search queries to the sites most likely to answer the question that was posed. Backlinks indicate to Google that others value the information on your site. Google considers backlinks in its PageRank, the algorithm that drives Google Search. The greater the number and quality of backlinks, the higher your site will rank. The following are 7 proven link building strategies: [...]

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How To Hire An Advertising Agency

A business owner who is not sure they want to handle their own advertising should consider hiring an Advertising Agency. Some reasons to hire an agency may include a plateau in business or an increase in competition. The complexity of modern advertising may be too much to keep up with. Perhaps your                          messaging sounds the same as the competition and needs a new approach. But which agency should a business owner hire? Questions Before You Hire Before retaining an agency start with an understanding of your needs. Are [...]

Conversion Optimization Thru Phone Calls

Optimizations, the process of improving advertising efficiency, are usually made based on data from advertising dashboards on Facebook or Google Ads, or from an attribution platform such as Google Analytics. But for many businesses, the phone is a major conversion tool. In some service industries more than 50% of conversions are made via phone. That is a substantial opportunity. By using a quality call tracking solution, you can perform sophisticated conversion optimization thru phone call results. Smartphone Usage The landline is a dying entity in American homes. Homes without a landline in the US outnumber those that do have a [...]

Radio – Terrestrial or Streaming

Many of us think of Radio as the media that we listen to in our cars. And Streaming audio is what we listen to on our phone. While there are differences between the two, radio - terrestrial or streaming, are both effective ways to communicate advertising. If you think radio can deliver your message (it probably can), both should be considered. Why Radio With so many advertising options why consider radio in the first place? Every week more Americans tune to AM/FM radio than any other platform. In fact, 93% of Americans 18+ listen to radio. That is more than [...]

Outdoor Advertising Options

Outdoor advertising—or as it’s often called, out of home (OOH)—is every place and platform outdoors where we see paid ads. There are various kinds of outdoor advertising formats and different reasons to use them. You will learn in this article that there are many Outdoor Advertising options.   Billboards – the granddaddy of outdoor advertising Everyone is familiar with and grew up with billboards, the original OOH format. These increased in popularity with the automobile age, with businesses advertising roadside stands, restaurants, shops, and lodging along America’s highways. In essence, they are giant posters, visible from a distance as cars [...]

You Don’t Need An Advertising Agency

In today’s internet world we can find just about everything online. If you want to learn the first place you go is the Internet. It is the ultimate Do-It-Yourself tool. You can learn to do anything on the Internet, from repairing household appliances to building an atomic bomb (ok, not totally sure on that one). So, why use an Advertising Agency? Because if growing a business is your top priority, using the best services should be a no-brainer. Save Money The most common reason for businesses to keep advertising responsibilities in-house is to save money. Many times, that math doesn’t [...]

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Why You Need A Media Audit

What is a media audit and why do one? A media audit is the process of determining whether the advertising being bought for your company is achieving your objective and doing so at fair market cost. Media is usually the largest line item in an advertising budget. If it fails to meet your goals or is over-priced it can doom an advertising campaign. Just as you review your finances regularly, you should have a regular media audit. Objective Advertising should start with the end in mind. You need a clear understanding what it is you want to happen. For many [...]

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Programmatic Advertising – AI Improves Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is the use of automation in buying and selling of media. Programmatic can apply to anything from display to digital out-of-home to connected television. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) with first and third party data, computers decide which ads to buy and how much to pay for them, often in real time. The advertiser carefully defines their target audience. Marketers can input demographics, behaviors and what they want the prospect to do. Then computers attempt to achieve those goals using data and artificial intelligence(AI). But how does it work? What is Programmatic Advertising In the early days of buying [...]

Transparency In Advertising

Advertising can seem complicated to the untrained marketer. Certainly, many advertising tasks take years of learning and practice to master. But that does not mean you can’t understand the business, how it functions and become an effective advertiser. A key to becoming successful in the field is transparency in advertising. Even if you know little about advertising ask questions and continue to probe. As Steve Jobs said “Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Never let go of your appetite to go after new ideas, new experiences, and new adventures.”  Approach your advertising education in a similar manner. Don’t be afraid to ask [...]

8 Reasons to Use Outdoor Advertising

When considering possible advertising media most advertisers do not immediately think of Outdoor Advertising (also known as Out-of-Home or OOH) for their business. And yet, Outdoor is ubiquitous, touching almost everyone every day. So why should you use Outdoor? Consider the following 8 reasons to use Outdoor Advertising: The Reasons: 1) Outdoor reaches 99% of consumers on a typical day. That is higher than any major advertising medium. 2) Out-of-Home costs less. OOH has the lowest average cost per 1,000 impressions of all major media. 3) According to Nielsen OAAA, Outdoor has the highest ad recall rate. 67% of consumers [...]

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