Do Impressions Matter

When we first began Digital Marketing, impressions were everything. For almost the first two decades of digital advertising impressions were the gold standard, with clicks and click-through-rates right behind. But as digital advertising has become more sophisticated marketers are looking for KPI’s that are closer to the outcome they need. It begs the question, do impressions matter? Traditional Advertising Measurement For years media was measured by estimates of how many people read a publication based on circulation rates and what we perceived were “pass-along” rates. The number of people who read a single issue. (think People Magazine in the doctor’s [...]

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Trends in Digital Advertising

Digital marketing continues to evolve, and 2022 will be no exception when it comes to changing advertising trends. Digital ad spend is growing tremendously and will continue to do so. Banner ads, social media ad campaigns, video ads, and pay-per-click advertising are all part of the digital advertising landscape—a field that grows more crowded by the day. Of note is that global ad spending declined in 2020 by 4.2% to $569 billion. Out of that, traditional media (print, broadcast) was $233 billion, an 18% drop from 2019. But digital media spend grew by 8% to $336 billion. Digital also had [...]

Five Facebook Failures

Facebook has a huge audience and tremendous data on that audience to help advertisers. One of the many reasons it is still the leader in social media. Since so many of your clients and prospects use the platform it makes sense to advertise there. As with any advertising media if you use it incorrectly you will waste time and money. The following are five Facebook failures to avoid. Audiences Target the correct Audience. Before you start, create a customer avatar, in other words, build a profile of what your ideal customer looks like. This will include age, gender, interests, behaviors [...]

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How To Generate Powerful Reviews

By now most of us know how influential reviews are in the buying decision of today’s consumer. Many people Search for reviews. According to Podium, a reputation management site, 93% of consumers are influenced by reviews. This is true of B2B purchases as well as B2C. As a business owner, your reputation is one of your most valuable assets. And what potential customers learn about you from reviews has become more important than ever. Learning how to generate powerful reviews impacts your bottom line. A recent study indicated that people read an average of 4 reviews before making a decision. [...]

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Google Analytics For Better Marketing

Analyze this. Google developed analytics to help web developers understand their site’s traffic. For a business owner, it can tell you which of your marketing channels are working and which are not. Properly set-up Google Analytics (GA) can reliably determine the success of both digital marketing and traditional advertising.  Businesses and agencies alike use Google Analytics for Better Marketing. Source/Medium Start with learning what is driving traffic to your website. The Source/Medium report shows how every advertising channel drives traffic to your website. If you are using traditional media in your mix, create unique URL’s for different media so that [...]

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Transparency In Advertising

Advertising can seem complicated to the untrained marketer. Certainly, many advertising tasks take years of learning and practice to master. But that does not mean you can’t understand the business, how it functions and become an effective advertiser. A key to becoming successful in the field is transparency in advertising. Even if you know little about advertising ask questions and continue to probe. As Steve Jobs said “Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Never let go of your appetite to go after new ideas, new experiences, and new adventures.”  Approach your advertising education in a similar manner. Don’t be afraid to ask [...]

Pay Less and Rank Higher on Google Ads

One of the most common misconceptions about Paid Search is that the top positions only go to the top bidder. While Google’s paid search placements are done on an auction basis, rankings are determined on a more sophisticated and egalitarian basis, allowing a smart advertiser to pay less and rank higher on Google. You can do this whether you are using an advertising agency or doing it yourself. Ad Rank Google determines the ad ranking of paid search on 3 criteria, the bid amount, the Quality Score of the advertiser and the expected click-through rate. According to Google, Quality Score [...]

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Marketing Metrics You Must Measure

We all realize the necessity of a good web presence for business. Whether you are running an organic campaign or paying for traffic you need to measure your results if you want to be successful. If you don’t know your metrics, you will waste money and potentially hurt your business. This is true whether your advertising is done online or traditionally. As a business owner it is difficult to find the time. The following list is a good place to start, and many of the marketing metrics can be applied to digital or traditional advertising. Website Traffic The traffic that [...]

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Write a Blog With What You Already Have

Blogs are good for your SEO (or so they say) Every marketing guru we know advises business owners to use a website blog to gain traction in Google searches.  They’re not wrong. Blogs can help you increase your web traffic and raise your Google search rankings. They’re also valuable resources for answering the questions that make prospects and customers hesitate before purchasing. However, we’ve found that clients are often resistant to blogging. It’s time-consuming. It’s costly. And it’s hard to come up with original content ideas. But in fact you probably have plenty of material for your blog right [...]

Thought Leadership Today

Thought Leadership is a marketing objective pursued by many in business today. The goal usually is to stand out from one’s peers so that we get increased exposure with others in our industry and drive revenue for our company. It is very easy to get caught up in attempting to elevate oneself but thought leadership today is about much more than ourselves. To be effective you must first benefit your audience. Definition Thought Leadership is more than podcasts, videos and newsletters. It is sharing your unique way of thinking with others. You must guide and offer insight to others. It [...]

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