Do Impressions Matter

When we first began Digital Marketing, impressions were everything. For almost the first two decades of digital advertising impressions were the gold standard, with clicks and click-through-rates right behind. But as digital advertising has become more sophisticated marketers are looking for KPI’s that are closer to the outcome they need. It begs the question, do impressions matter? Traditional Advertising Measurement For years media was measured by estimates of how many people read a publication based on circulation rates and what we perceived were “pass-along” rates. The number of people who read a single issue. (think People Magazine in the doctor’s [...]

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Trends in Digital Advertising

Digital marketing continues to evolve, and 2022 will be no exception when it comes to changing advertising trends. Digital ad spend is growing tremendously and will continue to do so. Banner ads, social media ad campaigns, video ads, and pay-per-click advertising are all part of the digital advertising landscape—a field that grows more crowded by the day. Of note is that global ad spending declined in 2020 by 4.2% to $569 billion. Out of that, traditional media (print, broadcast) was $233 billion, an 18% drop from 2019. But digital media spend grew by 8% to $336 billion. Digital also had [...]

Why Your Business Needs Paid Search

Organic search is when consumers type search terms into their browser and the search engines present websites (pages and pages of them) they deem relevant to your search query and other ranking factors. Unless someone types your company’s name or URL into the search bar, they’re going to get countless results related to your search. That is why your business needs paid search. What Is Paid Search Paid search, or search engine marketing (SEM), is part of your company’s advertising budget and yields much different results. You’ve likely heard this referred to as “pay-per-click” (PPC) ad. These search engine ads [...]

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You Don’t Need An Advertising Agency

In today’s internet world we can find just about everything online. If you want to learn the first place you go is the Internet. It is the ultimate Do-It-Yourself tool. You can learn to do anything on the Internet, from repairing household appliances to building an atomic bomb (ok, not totally sure on that one). So, why use an Advertising Agency? Because if growing a business is your top priority, using the best services should be a no-brainer. Save Money The most common reason for businesses to keep advertising responsibilities in-house is to save money. Many times, that math doesn’t [...]

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Reach And Frequency In Advertising

Reach and Frequency are the most basic of advertising principles, and the most overlooked. Reach refers to the number of people who are touched by a message. Frequency refers to how often they are exposed to the message. Ideally, both numbers would be maximized, but as everyone has a budget those numbers need to be managed for optimal effectiveness. Whether we're managing a TV ad buy or Google Ads campaign, we always pay close attention to reach and frequency. Reach Reach refers to a specific target. The target is defined by the geography and demographics needed by the advertiser. An [...]

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2022 Law Firm Marketing Plan

The New Year is approaching rapidly and now is the time to formulate your 2022 marketing plan, not after the new year begins. Legal marketing spend was down the last couple of years. No surprise. But that trend is already shifting as firms ramp up their legal advertising. It is estimated that by the end of 2021 budgets will be up over 13% compared with 2020. At the same time, the demand for legal services is up 7.3%, according to Thompson Reuters. How does your firm take advantage of the increase demand? With a great 2022 law firm marketing plan. [...]

The Difference Between Branding & Positioning

Branding and positioning are 2 crucial marketing terms. While they relate to one another, they have significant differences marketers need to understand. Every business should think about how they want to be considered by their target market. Begin by determining which markets to serve. And know the competitors in those markets. Then learn what makes each of those competitors different. Finally, companies should discover how they are perceived in their target markets. In order to change people’s perceptions, they will need to know the difference between branding and positioning. This is more than just Advertising. Positioning Positioning means claiming a [...]

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Branding and Positioning

You may hear individuals talk about the need to develop your personal brand, or the need to develop a brand name for your law firm. You may likewise listen to some of us talk about the need to position your firm in the marketplace, or what is called positioning. This can seem puzzling. While not the same thing they are related concepts. The difference between branding and positioning.... Branding Let's start with branding. If you consider your brand name, or you consider the brand name of anything, what comes to mind? Think about any well-known brand, whether a retailer, manufacturer [...]

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Personal Injury Attorney Video ROI

Video marketing is all the rage these days. And with good reason, people like to watch video. Yet, many Personal Injury Attorneys are not sure if it is right for them. The idea of creating video can seem daunting. While creating a good video is more expensive than writing a blog it does not have to be as expensive as a national Television commercial. But Personal Injury Attorney video ROI is so strong it should convince any firm involved with advertising to jump in. People like to watch video. Most of us have noticed the increase in the number of [...]

4 Steps to Review Your Google Ads

Advertising is not a “set it and forget it” exercise. Whether the advertising is digital or traditional it should be reviewed regularly. When constructing an ad campaign, we usually begin with “big picture” concepts such as the objective and strategy. The review process is often the reverse. Start with the details and work backwards towards the objective to see if everything still aligns. Some advertising platforms require more regular review, and Google is one of them. We recommend 4 steps to review your Google Ads. There are no warning lights or sirens when advertising is not working correctly. Without regular [...]

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