Choosing Search or Display

When starting a digital marketing campaign, the question often arises, search or display? Choosing incorrectly can be an expensive mistake. Both search and display are important components of online advertising. But which one is better and how do you choose? Understanding how each works is the first step in selecting the right ad format. When we think of search most of us think of Google. They are far and away the largest search engine. One way to utilize search is by optimizing your website to show better organically. In some cases that is sufficient. But if you are in a [...]

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Combining Inbound and Outbound Marketing

A topic of hot debate these days is whether you should use inbound of outbound marketing for your Lead Generation. For those of us in marketing you know that we love to throw around buzz words. That should not be a surprise from a profession that gets people to buy things based on language. In this case, it is more than jargon. Both are legitimate strategies for Lead Generation. Which should you choose? How about combining Inbound and Outbound marketing to maximize results. Outbound Marketing What are Inbound and Outbound marketing anyway? Outbound marketing is what was called “marketing” or [...]

Google Quality Score and Your Landing Page

When buying traditional advertising the marketer knows exactly what the cost is and where/when the ad will be seen. That makes using Google paid search (SEM) a challenge for some, because you don’t know when the ad will show or exactly what it will cost. The reason for the price variance is due to Google Quality Scores and Ad Rank. Google Quality Score and your landing page are directly related. The good news is that Quality Score is easily improved. What Is Google Quality Score Google is in the business of giving people what they want. When a person uses [...]

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Google Ads Throughout The Sales Funnel

Google Ads can be a powerful tool for building sales. But, is it best for upper funnel action, mid-funnel or bottom of the funnel? Well, the answer is all three. You can and should use Google Ads throughout the sales funnel. Properly constructed, Google Ads are effective at attracting new site visitors, nurturing mid-funnel prospects and closing interested consumers. Mapping A great way to start with a sales funnel is by mapping the current path to conversion for your business. By reviewing Google Analytics, you can get a picture of how people first come to learn about your product or [...]

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Search Engine Marketing(SEM) – Save Money

A good digital marketing agency knows that Google Ads can provide a great ROI for clients. But to do that requires regular optimization. As the economy tightens for many businesses, making their ad dollars go farther has never been more important. Just as agencies regularly optimize their Search Engine Marketing(SEM) campaigns you should too. Search Network Check to see that your search ads are just displayed on the Search network. Google encourages you to serve your ads on their Search and Display networks. This will increase your reach. But, it will also increase the likelihood your ads appear in places [...]

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Maximize Your Google Analytics

Google Analytics(GA) is a powerful tool with much to offer, whether you are a Digital Advertising Agency or a small to mid-size business owner. GA accumulates a tremendous amount of data about the traffic to a website. By following the steps outlined below you will get the most out of this free website. Once your GA account is set up add tracking code to every page of your website. It must be on every page or you will not see everything that happens on your site. Many newer sites allow for code to be placed in a header template file, [...]

You Should Be Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing and why should you do it? Content Marketing is the creation of valuable, relevant information to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. The purpose is to market your business without the “hard sell”. Instead, the intent is to help you establish your “thought-leadership” in the field, making prospective customers feel good about seeking your guidance. Content Marketing can take the form of blogs, e-mails, podcasts, videos, newsletters. It is informational but does not have to directly represent the brand of the writer. Many people think of Content Marketing as only a Search Marketing play, but [...]

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Metrics That Matter – How to Determine Your KPI’s

You have taken the time to build out a great website, you are now advertising, either digitally, with traditional media or both, and you want to see if it will help your business’ bottom line. How do you measure that? What are the indicators that measure whether or not a prospect is on the path to becoming a customer? And which metrics matter most? It is easy to look at all of the numbers and get excited by what looks to be growth.  But if these numbers don’t equate to increased sales, it’s a game changer.  KPI’s vary somewhat by [...]

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Rank Higher on Google

Every business wants to be at the top of the page for a Google search but how do you get there? Businesses who rank highly on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) don’t get there by accident. But with a little time and effort you can drastically increase your businesses placement. Start by expanding your web presence. Make sure you have an up to date Google My Business page, website, social media presence, and a blog with regular postings. Encourage your good customers to review your business on one of the many review sites. It is vita that you maintain [...]

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Retargeting – Make All Of Your Advertising More Effective

The one marketing strategy that seems to generate more client reaction than any other is Retargeting, the process of serving ads to people who have visited your site as they surf the Net. Clients are concerned it will appear to be unseemly, as if you are stalking people after they leave your site. If done incorrectly, this certainly be the case. However, if you are able to personalize the message and cap the frequency, Retargeting is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Why it works. As marketing professionals know, it is tougher than ever to cut [...]

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