One of the great things about the computer age is that it makes us feel empowered. We can get information on just about anything and it seems like we can learn how to do everything on the internet. But that doesn’t mean all aspects of business are “Do It Yourself”. And when it comes to advertising, there are considerable advantages to using an agency.

First, an agency is media agnostic. An agency does not own media outlets, so they have no vested interest in the media they select. It does not matter if they buy one radio station or another. Or, if they buy cable or digital. The commission is paid by the media company, so their only concern is the success of the advertising program. Their opinions and recommendations are unbiased.

Most media is priced on a supply and demand basis, so there is a “market”. A good agency will know the state of that market, and advise accordingly.

Third, a good media plan may need outlets from competing companies. iHeart cannot sell you a CBS station and vice versa. Or perhaps your plan calls for radio, TV and digital. A well-rounded agency can provide all of those services in a one-stop shopping experience. Instead of managing multiple representatives and media you interface with a single person.

Fourth, agencies have experts in all advertising fields so if you need a digital campaign they can do that in-house, if you want video they can get that done etc. This saves you a considerable amount of time, and allows you to focus on running your business.

Last but not least, an agency is able to provide a holistic view of your advertising. They understand your goals, help with your creative messaging, and look at how all of your marketing efforts come together to help your business grow. This allows you to communicate a consistent message seamlessly across all of your marketing channels.