The advertising world becomes more complex by the day. New advertising platforms are developed that you “must have”! Pricing seems to change almost as quickly as the channels that become available.

There is a plethora of data to sift through and understand. On the creative side, decisions need to be made about your practice’s messaging, both copy and images, to make sure everything is on brand. The media budget must be well-thought-out and managed. Add to all that the multiple media reps to manage along with your practice.

Who is going to do that in your PI firm?

Hiring a dedicated marketing person may not be economically feasible. Even if it is, what skill sets does your marketing director bring to the table? That’s where an advertising agency steeped in all things advertising and marketing comes in.

Law Firm advertising media plan

Managing your ad budget, generating revenue

Paid advertising takes money, there’s no question there. But ensuring your PI law firm’s advertising budget is well spent takes an ad agency with experience in media buying across all marketing channels. Metro Valley Advertising was founded by John Sadowski, who began his advertising career selling print, broadcast, and cable media to advertisers. So, we certainly understand ad budgets and the best way to allocate a law firm’s media spend to produce results.

Generating good leads for a personal injury law firm means understanding where prospective clients will see your messaging—and crafting compelling copy that draws attention. It’s about managing that ad budget to ensure your resources are used to your benefit. And knowing where to spend money on an ad campaign to achieve optimal results. We will only recommend an advertising strategy and media buy that makes good business sense for your PI law firm.

Advertising agency for personal injury attorneys

Working with Metro Valley Advertising enables personal injury attorneys to focus their attention on running their law firm and serving their clients rather than acting as advertising executives.

Every advertising campaign begins with a strategy that’s tailored to your PI law firm. Our marketing strategy is designed to move your prospects through all stages of the buying funnel, from awareness of your firm to generating personal injury leads. Then, our talented creative team develops a full range of marketing materials—both traditional and digital—that resonate with your target audience.

Our team has grown through the years from the days of traditional advertising to the world of digital advertising. Because we offer a full scope of advertising and marketing services under one umbrella, you only need to work with one agency for all your marketing and media needs. You’ll find we are uniquely positioned to guide our PI law clients in this multi-platform advertising and marketing world.

About Us

John Sadowski is an advertising industry veteran, having come of age on the corporate side of advertising. He spent his first decade selling print, cable, radio, and outdoor media before moving to the agency side for companies like CBS, Time Warner, and Clear Channel. This experience gave him a thorough knowledge of how media companies price and position their services that he now uses to our clients’ advantage. His client-centric vision led him to form Metro Valley Advertising in 2011.

John has an in-depth understanding of the digital world and how algorithms work. He has been managing Google Ad campaigns since 2004 and behavioral display campaigns since 2007. He has since been focused on digital and online advertising, mastering search engine marketing, social media marketing and programmatic advertising among other platforms.

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