Advertising and Marketing for Law Firms

law firm advertising in NYCGet more inbound calls related to your practice areas. Reach more potential clients who need your legal representation. Put your energy into handling your growing case load and law practice with marketing strategies and ad campaigns from MetroValley Advertising.

We’re an advertising and marketing firm that does digital and traditional marketing for mid-sized law firms and legal services providers.

The case for MetroValley Advertising

At MetroValley, we understand the competitive landscape that mid-sized law firms operate in, with so many vying for clients and corporate retainers. We also know that trying to handle your advertising in house can quickly reveal the complexities of media planning, developing well-branded ad campaigns, marketing across multiple channels, and pulling meaningful metrics that inform decision-making for future advertising efforts.

Working with MetroValley Advertising means instant stress relief for marketing directors and managing partners who’ve been tackling all of this, and experiencing frustration due to lackluster results.

  • We streamline your entire advertising process, from creative development through final media reporting as your single point of contact for all advertising and marketing activities
  • Through the most updated marketing tactics, technology and channels available, we help law practices develop a more powerful market presence that in turn builds case load and revenues
  • We understand the value of integrating the right mix of digital and traditional media to reach your target audience effectively
  • And we’ll help you get greater ROI on your advertising spend with a media plan that optimizes your budget—and with full transparency about where your ad dollars are going

Digital marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) and website development and design – help your prospects discover your office organically

  • Search engine marketing (SEM) such as pay-per-click campaigns and keyword bidding
  • Email marketing tailored to your audience and law practice specialty
  • Video marketing/advertising – streaming video, online video, video for social media
  • Streaming audio – podcasts are becoming an effective way to create a thought leadership platform
  • Programmatic display –digital ads that appear where your prospects are reading and searching online
  • Social media marketing – reach out and build your audience on the platforms where your referral sources and clientele are
  • Content marketing – we’ll develop fresh content for your law firm’s blog, contributor opportunities, and social media
  • In-app advertising, geo-fencing on mobile – catch potential clients on the go with messaging that’s right for the moment

“Traditional” advertising

At MetroValley, we’re not attached to any one type of ad medium, nor do we jump on every new trend. We find that effective campaigns often mean integrating digital marketing platforms with traditional advertising (print and broadcast). And because our advertising roots are planted in media planning and media buying, we know the ins and outs of:

  • Radio and TV advertising—from commercial production to placement, we’ll get your message out to your target audience through terrestrial and satellite broadcast channels
  • Print advertising – newspapers, magazines, direct mail
  • Out of home (formerly “outdoor”) –. Imagine your law firm’s message on street furniture, transit posters, or city buses. Don’t forget all those LED billboards that enable you to create multiple messages on one display. Thanks to technology, out of home advertising now includes digital kiosks in malls and other public spaces, with interesting creative opportunities.

Personal injury attorney advertising

As any personal injury attorney will tell you, many potential claimants think they have a case, but it really takes many leads to secure a good case worth taking. The key to finding strong leads that become personal injury cases is a smart multi-media marketing mix to reach potential claimants at different points along their decision-making journey.

A strong marketing mix generates good PI leads

That’s because people consume media differently, which can be individual and regional preferences. This is why we make data-driven, market-centric recommendations to personal injury attorneys that use a combination of digital and traditional channels. For example:

  • Traditional TV is still an excellent vehicle for mass reach and lead generation.
  • Digital platforms are excellent for tracking lead generation sources (called attribution).
    • When someone clicks on a Google ad and fills out a form, we can track that digital lead (and many others) into the PI law firm’s customer relationship management program, while maintaining compliance with all U.S. and EU privacy laws.
    • This enables us to optimize the advertising campaigns that are generating the most leads and PI cases, quickly and easily.
  • We also know that people who believe they have a serious injury case often like to speak with a live person, which results in a high number of phone calls to PI attorneys’ offices. We also use call tracking services to determine which lead source drove the phone call.
  • Based on the data that comes in from these channels, we’re able to make adjustments to our media mix according to consumption and results metrics.

Contact us for a consultation on how MetroValley Advertising can create greater visibility and generate more leads for your mid-sized law firm or personal injury firm.