The media expense is usually the largest item in an advertising budget and ROI is expected. When media does not produce the desired results, advertisers are frustrated and angry. We get it!

Underperformance usually comes down to a problem with strategy or tactics, or both. At Metro Valley Advertising, we understand how personal injury attorneys find and retain their clients—a critical part of getting positive media results. From traditional media outlets to the many digital advertising channels, we use media to create awareness of our clients’ PI law firms, generate engagement among prospects, and lead those prospects to convert to paying clients.

low firm advertising ROI

Media integration maximizes advertising results

Properly integrating different forms of media can transform advertising results. That’s because your prospects internalize messaging differently. Some are auditory, others more visual. Many prospects just engage with digital media, others use mostly traditional advertising media, and many consume both.

Therefore, it is important to consider all the ways prospects can learn about your PI law practice when creating an advertising plan. Are you reaching both auditory and visual prospects? Is there a mix of digital and traditional media? Can you incorporate sight, sound, and motion? No advertiser can afford to use every type or platforms, so smart choices—informed by your advertising budget and our agency’s expertise—are essential to your ad campaign’s success.

Maximizing lead generation for personal injury attorneys

Even the best advertising plan needs regular review and optimization. With all the digital algorithms in use there is no “set it and forget it” advertising. Changes large and small to your content or media buy can have a profound effect on the success of a media plan.

Because we were educated in the basics of advertising in the “traditional age” and grew up in the “digital age,” we are uniquely qualified to integrate a marketing plan for optimal results. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of all advertising platforms and how to use them to move prospects through the buying funnel. That allows us to generate the leads and clients that law firms expect from their advertising.

Tracking leads through digital channels

At Metro Valley Advertising, we understand that digital advertising done right provides tremendous insights into your lead generation. We pull regular reports with data that shows us what’s producing the best ROI for your advertising dollars; in many cases we can track where your leads are being generated. Social media ads and posts, search engine marketing tactics (like pay-per-click ads), trackable phone numbers, and website activity and downloads tell a solid lead generation story for your personal injury law practice.

If you feel your current advertising activities aren’t delivering strong ROI for your PI practice, or want to learn how adding digital marketing can super-charge your PI law firm’s growth, contact Metro Valley Advertising for a full media assessment.

About Us

John Sadowski is an advertising industry veteran, having come of age on the corporate side of advertising. He spent his first decade selling print, cable, radio, and outdoor media before moving to the agency side for companies like CBS, Time Warner, and Clear Channel. This experience gave him a thorough knowledge of how media companies price and position their services that he now uses to our clients’ advantage. His client-centric vision led him to form Metro Valley Advertising in 2011.

John has an in-depth understanding of the digital world and how algorithms work. He has been managing Google Ad campaigns since 2004 and behavioral display campaigns since 2007. He has since been focused on digital and online advertising, mastering search engine marketing, social media marketing and programmatic advertising among other platforms.

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