There are many reasons why personal injury (PI) attorneys should use digital marketing—digital devices. Prospective clients spend a lot of time on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets as well as their desktops. Digital advertising helps PI attorneys reach those people where they are at any given time.

Benefits of digital advertising

  • Digital advertising allows for very precise targeting. At Metro Valley Advertising, we
    target based on age, gender, geography, income, behaviors and more.
  • Digital advertising is trackable, provides good data insights, and is optimizable.
  • There are many digital platforms on which to share your messaging. For example,
    LinkedIn is excellent for B2B advertising and marketing for PI attorneys. Facebook can
    be strong for consumer advertising.
  • Digital advertising offers different channels as well—search marketing, social media,
    digital display ads, streaming audio, and video.

Digital marketing results for personal injury attorneys

The challenge with digital marketing is choosing the platforms to use and knowing how to integrate them for optimal results. Properly constructed, digital marketing can be a very cost- effective strategy for personal injury attorneys. At Metro Valley Advertising, we make sure every digital marketing plan we design and implement yields strong results.

For one personal Injury law firm, we increased leads by 96.5% in the first four months of 2022, compared with the same period in 2021. The law practice’s budget has remained the same, but we adjusted the media allocation to spend more on search marketing and streaming video, which drove more Inquiries and leads.

Personal Injury Y/Y increase

Digital advertising tactics for personal injury attorneys

Digital advertising for personal injury attorneys takes prospects on a journey from awareness to engagement and then conversion—the inquiry that can lead to new business. Different tactics are required along the way. For example:

Awareness – this is how prospects learn of the law firm. We often use social media ads (paid search), targeted banner ads, and video ads to build awareness. Of course, well-crafted SEO website copy helps with organic search.

Engagement – the prospect learns how the PI law firm can solve their problem. This is a great place an explainer video and informative landing pages.

Conversion – this is place for testimonials (especially video) and case studies.

Digital marketing assessment

If you are not satisfied with the results of your current digital marketing campaign, or want to learn how adding digital marketing can super-charge your PI law firm’s growth, contact us for a full media assessment.

About Us

John Sadowski is an advertising industry veteran, having come of age on the corporate side of advertising. He spent his first decade selling print, cable, radio, and outdoor media before moving to the agency side for companies like CBS, Time Warner, and Clear Channel. This experience gave him a thorough knowledge of how media companies price and position their services that he now uses to our clients’ advantage. His client-centric vision led him to form Metro Valley Advertising in 2011.

John has an in-depth understanding of the digital world and how algorithms work. He has been managing Google Ad campaigns since 2004 and behavioral display campaigns since 2007. He has since been focused on digital and online advertising, mastering search engine marketing, social media marketing and programmatic advertising among other platforms.

Client Testimonials

“John is extremely easy to work with. He’s upfront and honest and I have all the confidence in the world in his expertise. Not having to worry about our marketing and knowing that it is running smoothly, effectively, at a fair price point, and with success month after month is exactly what I need to be able to focus on the rest of our business.”
– Brianne Radtke, marketing manager, regional home improvement company

“We have been working with John for almost 16 years. He is responsive and professional. We continue to get clients and grow our firm. John handles all of the day-to-day marketing allowing us to focus on managing our firm and serving our clients.”
– Paul Weitz, personal injury attorney

“My company has had the pleasure of being John’s client for more than 10 years. He is a true professional. John is extremely reliable, straightforward, and very bright. He understands the media landscape and has always made intelligent observations and recommendations, which have helped our businesses grow.”
– Eric Kahn, Friendly Auto Group

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